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Activate FAQs

Our "Yes" Questions

Yes. The weigh-ins will be conducted with a visual divider blocking the view from those in line. You will be able to review your results online with a password protected log-in.

Yes. From January 16th to January 31st, all YMCA group exercises classes are free to Activate participants.

Yes. There are three lectures and they will take place on Thursday night (January 26th, February 9th, & February 23rd) at the YMCA 55 W. corner.

Yes. Each Friday (same as weigh-in days) The Healthy Living Guides will be posted on

Our "No" Questions

No. Activate is a healthy living program with a weight loss component. Activate is designed to provide structure, incentive, and support to launch a more active and healthy lifestyle.

No. Activate is a community wide health initiative that is a gift from the Idaho Falls Family YMCA and the Activate sponsors.

No. Unfortunately Activate is just for adults. The YMCA will be planning a similar program with increased supervision in the future.

No. However, this is going to be a fantastic health fair and you will miss the first weigh-in. There is no mandatory participation. But the more you take advantage of the program, the more you will get out of it.